Field work on a wheelchair at Sanrio Puroland

It’s been a long time! I’m YUKORIN, a wheelchair user. Accessible members and I carried out our wheelchair accessibility review at Sanrio Puroland on March 11, 2023.

Tama Center Station

I met the members at the Central Gate of Tama Center Station. We headed for Sanrio Puroland from here.

People walk along a walkway with stairs. But don’t worry, a slope is installed in the walkaway for wheelchair users.

Sanrio Puroland

We arrived at Sanrio Puroland in 10 minutes from Tama Center Station.

Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park which features Japanese cute characters. The building has four stories.

We bought tickets called afternoon passports at the ticket booth on the day of our visit. The afternoon passports permit visitors to enter the theme park from 14:00. Please make sure that you check the ticket prices in advance because the prices of different tickets depend on the day. You can purchase those tickets online. The price of the afternoon passports on that day was ¥3,000 per person. However. a visitor with disabilities and one attendant can get a ¥200 discount respectively when they show staff their disability certificate and their attendant’s identification. Also, priority entry is available when they present staff their tickets at some specific show areas and attractions.

The entrance is on the third floor. Here are the elevators.

One elevator would accommodate two regular-sized wheelchairs.

We went down to the first floor and watched a show in an area called Puro Village.

The priority entry is not available in this area. I could hardly see characters when all the viewers stood up.

This is a multipurpose restroom on the first floor. I used the restroom without any problems although it is not so spacious. A multipurpose restroom is located on each floor.

Look at the long queue in front of the attraction named My Melody & Kuromi Mymeroad Drive. It must be popular. The priority entry is available at the attraction. Wheelchair users are guided to the ride with priority if they reach out to staff. We had no time to try the attraction, though.

We went to Character Food Court which is quite spacious.

The height of these tables is suitable for wheelchair users to enjoy a meal.

Cute menus! They make meals more enjoyable.

This is Smiling Pom Pom Prin Room. I had my photo taken together with our members.

We watched the show named KAWAII KABUKI at Märchen Theater, taking the priority seat for wheelchair users. The requisites for the priority entry are that you should go to the theater 30 minutes prior to the show time and that all members of your group are together with you when you reach out to staff.

Unfortunately, photography of the show is not allowed. The announcement was made in Japanese, English as well as Chinese. This means that the theme park caters for visitors from overseas.

The view from the priority seat in the front row was great! Sanrio characters played a Kabuki performance with professional dancers. Not only children but adults can also enjoy the show.

We went to a restaurant at the fourth floor. However, the restaurant had already closed at 16:30. We could not make it. Instead, I show you Sanrio characters situated in front of the restaurant. There is another restaurant, a café and shops featuring popular characters on the fourth floor.

Lastly, we dropped by the Entrance Shop on the third floor. The shop is so spacious that wheelchair users can look around.

We did not try the attractions and photography with famous Sanrio characters on this wheelchair accessibility review. But we are certain that Sanrio Puroland is wheelchair accessible. Why don’t you visit the theme park yourself and find out what it is like? The cute characters will surely make you feel relaxed and warm.

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